The Music of The Roots

The Roots are icons of Hip Hop. Few rap groups can measure up to what this eclectic group brings the table. From the moment they entered public consciousness with Organix in 1993, they still remain on top of their craft & in total command of their combination of jazz-influenced hip-hop and social awareness. With the exception of Outkast & Dead Prez, how many Hip Hop groups can you name today like this? Exactly- none! A Tribe Called Quest is gone. The Pharcyde-gone. Black Star, Goodie Mob, Digable Planets-all gone. Groups are no longer in vogue – the solo artist reigns supreme in these times. That’s unfortunate as we miss out on some great music as a group’s synergy can oftentimes catapult its music to unchartered territory. Take The Beatles or Earth, Wind & Fire. Each band had brilliant members and made ground-breaking music, but when they split up to do their own thing, their solo projects weren’t as consistent & ground-breaking.

Drummer & leader of The Roots, ?uestlove, recently penned a six part essay in Vulture  entitled, When the People Cheer: How Hip Hop Failed Black Americawhich I highly recommend to anyone interested in the state of Hip Hop. 

 Check out The Roots week nights on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. They rock it every night!!

Have a great weekend fellow primates.



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