Van Hunt Collection

This brother is goes deep….real deep. Take a song like his smash hit, “Down Here In Hell (With You)” where he says-

I love the battle lines
The battle lines we draw when crossin’ the mud
Ooh, I love it when we fight
Standin’ on the verge of breakin’ up or makin’ love

What would I do if we were perfect?
Where would I go for disappointment?
Love without pain would leave me
Wonderin’ why I stay?

This puts love in its proper dimension, meaning it gets complicated & it aint all about romantic evenings & hot sex. He stands out in our current field of Great Pretenders. Or take a song like “Old Hat” from his current album, “The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets” which is subconsciously inspired by how “modern technology has taken away some of the things that we should probably hold dear. Things that have lasted for thousands of years like integrity, patience, intuition, instinct, things that are often dismissed in our society’. Deep shit..


Read more: Van Hunt – Down Here In Hell (With You) Lyrics | MetroLyrics


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