Raury – All We Need



After years of being assaulted & numbed by inconsequential & vapid commercial rap music, we get a whiff of fresh air from an up & coming 19 year old rapper from the ATL – Raury. Yeah, he comes off sounding like Andre 3000 – the influence is quite obvious – but he is forgiven. His lyricism is what is needed at this moment in our polluted stream of consciousness. Give me his –

I seen the news and seen the lies
They kill our kind
The system’s blind, the system’s blind yeah
So peel your eyes, don’t close your mind
Cause human kind must grow benign or slowly die, extinction
There’s truth and lies in death and life
The masses cry, but heaven smiles, always
The trees they grow
The leaves belong to mother nature
Not to man to legalize it, yeah

And take back Rick Ross’ whack-ass-

Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it
Got a hundred acres I live on, you ain’t even know it
Got a hundred rounds in this AR, you ain’t even know it
Got a bag of bit–es I play with, on cloud 9 in my spaceship
Zoned out but he stay fresh from Zone 1 through Zone 6
Bricks all in my blood, birds all in my dreams
Boats all in my yard, lemon pepper my wings
I’m bout to get you f–k [expletive] wacked, you ain’t even know it
Your main [expletive] bout to turn his back, you ain’t even know it.

I hope Raury brings back the golden threads of the genre which inspired a generation. Lord knows today’s youth need inspiration to deal with the darkness that surrounds them….


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