The Eagles Collection



RIP to The Eagles’ guitarist, Glenn Frey.

I wasn’t really much of  an Eagles fan, but I did like a few songs from their extensive body of work which I highlight on this playlist. The first song, “The Last Resort” is my favorite. I never understood why this song went into the shadows when it’s way better than their much heralded “Hotel California”. In an interview regarding “The Last Resort”, Don Henley explained that the song is about how people from the Eastern United States ruined the West early on. They killed the Native Americans, and the more West America went, the more commercial it got. In a 1987 interview with Rolling Stone, Henley said: “The Last Resort is still one of my favorite songs… That’s because I care more about the environment than about writing songs about drugs or love affairs or excesses of any kind. The gist of the song was that when we find something good, we destroy it by our presence – by the very fact that Man is the only animal on Earth that is capable of destroying his environment. The environment is the reason I got into politics: to try to do something about what I saw as the complete destruction of most of the resources that we have left. We have mortgaged our future for gain and greed.”

Peace be with you brother.



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