On The Rise: Anohni




This song is disarmingly beautiful yet devastating at the same time. It captures the emotional weight of terror from the skies and the death wish of self-annihilation. Having to see your loved ones explode to pieces via a drone attack must be inexpressible, but Naomi Campbell does a masterful job in this video in capturing the agony. Anohni’s woeful delivery brings the geopolitical to a deeply felt personal level igniting our empathy & righteous indignation.



Another disturbingly beautiful track from this artist. In case some of you are unaware, if the Earth’s climate hits the four degree tipping point, we’re pretty much done as a species. Anohni is sending a signal of our impending doom.

I wanna see this world, I wanna see it boil
It’s only 4 degrees, it’s only 4 degrees

I wanna hear the dogs crying for water
I wanna see fish go belly-up in the sea
All those lemurs and all those tiny creatures
I wanna see them burn, it’s only 4 degrees



Alarmist he is not. See what NASA reported a couple of days ago here.

The album drops some time in May. Check out the interesting titles of some of the songs that will be on the album below. I am curious to find out what the song “Obama” is about….

Violent Men
Why Did You Separate Me From The Earth?






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